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Breakfast – Lunch – Brunch – Tea time – Dinner.

At Guillaume, you can also take your breakfast, lunch, brunch, have your tea time break and dinner. For breakfast, you can pick any freshly baked pain or viennoiserie with coffee or other drinks.

You can experience different aspects of French gastronomy in our lunch/brunch as well as our dinner always served with authentic French bread. We propose a regularly renewed menu of flavoured, simple and accessible dishes. Please call us and we will be glad to give you more information on the current menu whether it is for here or take out (quiches, sandwiches for instance)...

To accompany your meal, we propose a list of wines from most of wine regions of France. Our recommendations are officially approved by a French sommelier. We also offer European beers to satisfy beer connoisseurs. To finish up your meal, you can choose from our organic teas or organic Arabica coffee.
We feature drinks with true organic ingredients - our coffees for example, are prepared with organic coffee beans and sugar and milk are both organic . We also recommend you taste our hot chocolate made of ValrhonaTM chocolate blocks.
Our freshly squeezed lemonade, 100% all natural fruit smoothie and other homemade fresh juices will quench summer thirst and help you fill up your energy and vitamin tank.

All our drinks are served all along business hours.