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The boulangerie

Le pain veritable

To allow time for aroma to develop.

Bread is one fundamental part of French people’s lives. As some of you may know, in France boulangeries are one of the last sanctuaries where clients are still served individually. At our boulangerie, you will be served just like in France.

As for choice, obviously you can find the worldwide famous baguette, relatively new type of bread for those would not know, but also traditional and special “miches” such as: “pain de campagne” (rye flour based), whole wheat bread, fig bread, walnut bread, spelt bread, our multi-grain breads and the miche Guillaume... All our miches are leaven based (sourdough) – natural fermentation just like kimchi. Leaven triggers a slow and lasting fermentation which allows plenty of time for aroma to develop.
We intentionally bake breads with a crust and a crumb clearly distinct from each other. Crust brings its own caramelized flavours to the bread and its crispy texture – crispy and not hard – is real pleasure which cracks between your teeth.

All our bread is prepared with pure organic flour without any preservatives directly imported from France. It is handled by our French baker with 40 years of experience, and everything is passionately prepared according to French traditional methods.