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Le pain veritable

The genuine good taste of bread.

Most French people will tell you that they miss real bread and croissants in Korea. There are plenty of bakeries that claim to be of French heritage, yet they cannot offer real honest-to-goodness French taste and quality. In a capital city like Seoul, French bread is becoming more cosmopolitan. But it is a pity that it is not authentic quality and even sadder that there is not even one true French bakery. Korea deserves better - it deserves a real French bakery of its own!

At our boulangerie, not only will you be able to buy your daily bread but also to discover – or rediscover what some may have already had the good fortune to experience– the genuine good taste of bread.

And in true French bakery form, you will be able to please yourself with our “viennoiseries” and our pastries.

It does not stop there. We wanted to offer a more complete dining experience, supplementing our bakery with lunch/brunch and dinner. With existing French restaurants in town, the idea was to bring an alternative to the numerous Italian places in Seoul while still abiding by our motto: authenticity. Finally, western food is more than just being about pizza and you can enjoy yourself with something other than just spaghetti. We invite you to take advantage of appetizing French cuisine. We hope to prove that it can also be simple yet tasty and affordable.